Daniel Brown & Shona Kitchen, buyers

Having not purchased a house in a while, it’s easy to forget just what an ordeal it can be. The nuances are endless and the process complex. It is, financially and emotionally, one of the biggest decisions one must to make in a lifetime and few people make it more than a handful of times. In short, it isn’t something people generally tend to get good at .Like any such process, it’s clearly one best performed with someone who can “guide the way”; someone who knows when to encourage forward and when to advise holding back and taking a moment to think. You did both for us and at just the right times. I recall being blown away by how quickly you narrowed down our “type” of house. We had entered similar criteria into various real estate web sites and were “underwhelmed” by the results. With very few exceptions, the ones you sent were dead-on and, had we not found an exceptional fit to our wish list, we’d have been hard-pressed to choose from the rest.

Through the toughest parts and through the “wins” along the way, you kept us on track. We hope you’ll celebrate with us and let us thank you for your help.


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